Etienne Pretorius is a director at PBC Group, and a business consultant in Johannesburg producing continuous improvement initiatives in the areas of Operations, HR & Labour, and Financial Management.

His job is to establish whether PBC Group fits with the potential client business, then proceeds to identify the needs of the client business using available platforms, before proceeding with a solution.

When we say Etienne is a consultant, it means he is a hands-on change agent who acts as a catalyst for the recommendations made. Etienne is able to engage with the board or exco and helps make decisions that are practical and count toward business improvement.

PBC Group helps other people’s businesses spend less and to make more by developing disciplines and controls and by providing any necessary skills and expertise.

If your business is going through trying times, then please consider PBC Group as an additional resource to fill any skills or capacity gaps. Please consider allowing us to perform functions you are not able to do because you simply don’t have the time. You might just need our help getting things done to climb out of a tough hole.